We have experience in virtually every sub-sector of the distribution industry.

Supply Chain Equity Partners provides shareholders and management teams of distribution and logistics companies with unparalleled resources and support in the development and enhancement of world class supply chain organizations. The strength of our firm stems from the hundreds of years of collective distribution experience of our principals, investors and advisors.

Our deep sector expertise helps us make investment decisions efficiently and effectively. With our experience in virtually every sub sector of the distribution industry we can screen transactions quickly, focus on the important issues and determine where we can add value.

To each of our of portfolio companies we assign one or more industry veterans from our investor base who possess relevant hands-on experience and the ability to work with and support the management team of the acquired company. Specifically, our team typically provides:

  • Guidance to enhance operating practices
  • Strategic access to customers and vendors
  • Support in the design of a growth plan and assistance to identify, finance, and integrate acquisitions

Our knowledge of and experience in the distribution industry enables us to identify favorable trends early and develop strategies to capitalize on these trends.

Supply Chain Equity Partners invests solely in distribution and logistics companies that are or can become a critical link in the supply chain. We work closely with management teams in implementing the strategic, operating and financial initiatives necessary to maximize the value of our distribution companies.

Supply Chain Equity Partners applies a disciplined investment process that leverages the experience, knowledge and industry relationships of our principals and investors. Our knowledge of and experience in the distribution industry enables us to identify favorable trends early and develop strategies to capitalize on these trends. The use of appropriate financial leverage and well-timed exit strategies complement our focus on operational enhancement.

Investment Criteria

Wholesale distributors and related logistics companies that are a critical link in the supply chain, regardless of sub-sector.

Transaction Types

Platform acquisitions
Corporate divestitures of non core operations
Underperforming businesses
Add on acquisitions to existing portfolio companies


We partner with capable management teams with proven track records and encourage owner operators to retain ownership stakes and share in the equity appreciation during our investment period. We also offer management teams substantial performance-based incentives, including significant equity ownership.

The experience and knowledge base of the Supply Chain Equity investors is unmatched by any other private equity fund.

Unlike the vast majority of the private equity universe, our investor base is comprised almost exclusively of value-added investors. Collectively, the Supply Chain Equity investors possess centuries of distribution experience and include:

  • Former distribution executives from leading distribution companies in North America;
  • The leading consultants in the distribution industry;
  • The leading financial advisors to the distribution industry; and
  • Operations specialists with expertise in turnaround management.